Consultant to conduct a contemporary study

Job Description

Title: Consultant to conduct a contemporary study

Company Name: ARTICLE 19, Bangladesh & South Asia

Vacancy: 1

Job Location: Dhaka

Employment Status: Contractual

Educational Requirements:
∎ Post-graduate degree, preferably relating to Law, Human Rights, Information & Communication Technology, Media & Journalism, English, Social Science, or relevant discipline.

Experience Requirements:
∎ 10 to 12 year(s)

Job Context:
∎ Consultant to conduct a contemporary study on misinformation and disinformation in Bangladesh and its impact on communal violence.
∎ For Bangladeshi nationals only.
∎ Job Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh with field visits.

Job Responsibilities:
∎ The overall purpose of this assignment is to conduct a contemporary research-based study on misinformation and disinformation in Bangladesh and its impact on communal violence.
∎ ARTICLE 19 identifies the following areas of support required for the duration of this assignment.
∎ Assess the current overall situation of communal harmony in Bangladesh in the light of past and recent violence and the impact of the misinformation and disinformation spread through digital/social media that accelerated the degree and amplitude of such violence.
∎ Explore the nature of contemporary digital communalism, hate speech and violence on religious and ethnic minorities.
∎ Inquire into the queries: How misinformation and disinformation in digital media are (i) impeding the peaceful coexistence of religious communities and threatening other ethnic minorities and marginalized groups; (ii) playing role in inciting aggressive behaviour of the dominant religious group, against other religious minorities; (iii) increasing the communal tension between religious factions; and (iv) successfully staging communal violence along religious fault lines.
∎ Review the compatibility of security and legal measures anchored simultaneously online and offline by the authorities to limit access to the internet and defend affected communities in response to the communal violence provoked by misinformation and disinformation.
∎ Review the role of owners of social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube etc.) and national regulatory bodies (such as BTRC) for digital media in, effective and on-time tackling of misinformation and disinformation online.
∎ Assess the role of religious, community and political leaders in mitigating communal tension, avoiding any potential communal violence and promoting harmony among the communities.
∎ Identify and analyse the needs of minority communities, youth groups and netizens at large who are consuming news and media content online - considering their level of knowledge about media and information literacy (MIL) and using digital platforms – to avoid potential risks and threats posed by misinformation and disinformation.
∎ Recommend what information and tools netizens at large need to have to identify and counter misinformation and disinformation online.

Additional Requirements:
∎ 10 to 12 years experience in research and analysis of relevant topics with a preference for specific experience with international NGOs. Having a comprehensive idea about the Bangladeshi media system including its socio-legal aspects. Experience in moderations during group discussions, online meetings and workshops. Must be a team player with ability to coordinate and prioritize the needs of the team.
∎ A detailed proposal that outlines the consultant’s understanding of these Terms of Reference including a proposed methodology and financial plan for undertaking the study.
∎ Provide a clear and detailed work plan and timeline to the project focal.
∎ Conduct two in-person meetings related to this assignment.
∎ Conduct five surveys among project stakeholders for research purposes.
∎ Conduct required number of Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Key Informant Interviews (KII) to achieve the goals of the study.
∎ Draft report of the study.
∎ Final Report of the study (both soft and hard version) with concrete tools and recommendations.

Job Source: Online Job Posting.

Application Deadline: 30 Nov 2021

Company Information:
∎ 24 Nov 2021
∎ ARTICLE 19, Bangladesh & South Asia

Category: NGO/Development

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